12 Apr 2006

Tea for Me and choccie for Sunday...

Finally, finally finally I have pictures of the gifts that my BF brought me back from Amsterdam, and yes, the chocolate is still in one piece…just about. I had a good sniff of it last night as I have read that smelling chocolate is supposed to do the same thing as actually eating it, but I don’t quite believe it meself!

Endorphins, that’s all.


I did a bit of research into endorphins created by chocolate and got some very interesting results. Still, there is only 4 days to go until choccie can pass my lips….


I got to test the teapot last night and I can confirm that it makes a good pot of tea. Always a plus for a teapot. Its amazing the amount of teapots out there that don’t make a good pot of tea. However, I think I will have to just use teabags in this pot as there is no filter in the spout, I can imagine the mess if I use tealeaves.

Isn’t the lid sweet?And look at the flower on the spout.I also finished the fuzzy foot partner last night after a lot of sweat and tea and threw them into the washing machine to run a cycle overnight. This was based on the very practical thinking of the last item I felted which required I think 4 go’s through the washing machine. I came down this morning to find them felted nicely, down to a size 2 I reckon. A wee bit small!

So a serious amount of stretching later, I think I have them about a size 5, and have an apple in each toe and one tennis ball in a heel as that’s all I had to play with (get it, play, tennis ball…. oh okay bad play on words har har).
I think this evening I will be doing a bit (or a lot) of steaming and stretching again.

Have a look at the FO’sAnd modelled by yours truly, as my former aspiring model had gone to bed at this stage.
It was late after all; the demonic aspect of having to finish an item took me over again.


At 13:48, Anonymous Is said...

Hope you enjoyed the chocolate...


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