4 Apr 2006

Hidden treasures

Its amazing what is found when you go searching for something altogether different.
I found this scarf when I was hunting for patterns that I had lost. I had totally forgotten about it. I started it when I was in London, for a friend, after I had made a scarf using one of the Rowan patterns from the previous entry. With the first scarf I used the recommended yarn, which was awkward to use with the pattern. So I decided to use a different yarn for this scarf. Of course, it didn't turn out as well and it just never grew on me. I never checked my gauge in those days, just cast on and hoped for the best.
So this lovely yarn is now recycled and ready to be used again. Well, its frogged and waiting to be washed.....

In the meantime- we have bootees!
I'm waiting to be loved....


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