6 Apr 2006

Antics in Dublin

While out with friends for a meal during the week, we became (probably through giddiness) absorbed by this plant.Was it a tomato plant?

Was it an orange tree?

Was it real?

Was it decorative only?

The leaves didn’t look like tomato plant leaves, we had a couple of expert growers in the group, and the fruit looked suspiciously orange-like.

We were a little bit away and there were people sitting at the table beside it so we didn’t really want to disturb them.

The people at the table left, and one of our group managed to tip over and find out that it was a real plant, with soil and everything.

Then we asked the waiter, and low and behold, he went and picked one of the fruits and brought it to us, and yes, it was real, orange-like colouring, and, wait for it…a mini orange. Or clementine or mandarin whatever those small ones are called.Classy shot showing Bus Eireann bus behind Le Waiter

We even had some tasting to make sure.

(Photo’s have been censured as are of a sensitive nature)

(Actually, I didn’t want to publish photo’s of friends without asking them and I know if I ask there will be horror at the very thought of their photo’s on the internet)

It was a lovely meal, and a lovely evening, albeit chilly after the sun went in, and we decided to go for a nightcap before hitting the road home, as it was a school night.

We went to this converted church and managed to find some plush seating on the alter, no less!Or the former alter….View from our plushness
The lovely stairwell going upstairs to the loo

More red wine later, I was soon snoozing on the bus on the way home.


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