4 Apr 2006

Secret Pal8

Oh my oh my
I'm so excited!
SP8 has started signing up participants
Count me in! I'm there!
(Must start posting about more than just knitting!)


At 17:49, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Looks interesting and I've seen some of the lovely packages people get in the post on other blogs. I'd just be concerned about not being able to get cool knitting stuff in Ireland to send to a secret pal in another country. I suppose some of the yarns from Kildare would be interesting though?

At 09:38, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Yes I reckon there are lots of possibilities from Craftspun yarns, I only bought a fraction of their offerings, and am biting the bit to get back down there!

At 17:11, Anonymous Is said...

I was a bit worried about that too, but I've signed up anyway - I figure there's a strong chance I'll be buying stuff online anyway so can just add to that, and the craftspun yarn you posted looks lovely. Maybe we'll all just have to take a field trip to Colinette in Wales...


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