10 Apr 2006

Sunny Saturday

The one and only picture I got in the sunny part of Saturday before the batteries in my camera died.

Its of the Sugarloaf mountain taken from the car on the way back from Bray, where we went to look at a car and had a quick stop into The Wool Shop for yet more sock yarn and then a lovely interlude in the coffee shop beside it. Again I thought of taking pictures like Isobel does but there was too much crap on the small table (like one paper, 1 bagel, 1 foccacia, 2 lattes and 2 raspberry muffins-yummy!) and it would have looked a mess, not like the nicely artistic shots that Isobel produces. I also bought some choccy in prep for next Sunday (see prev postings!) although not for myself ;-)

I also didn’t realise that the batteries were so low, but they are rechargeable so it’s not a big thing. Despite the sunniness of the day, (at that time) it was very cold.

I actually think that this picture reminds me of Australia, for some strange reason…. have any thoughts on this, Emmett or Siobhan in Canberra…hmm?

My PC went through the final death throes yesterday evening and abandoned me, so I now have to think about financing another one. I have been thinking about it for a while anyway as my PC had been so slow that using it was akin to torture. Not to mention trying to upload photos to blogger, just didn’t happen. However, my budget just doesn’t stretch to a PC outright so I will either have to try and get finance for it or wait until the trusty SSIA’s come out next year. Yes, I was one of those that jumped at the chance at saving money and made it by the skin of my teeth by the closing date. I suppose I do have the option of waiting as my boyfriend’s PC is pretty good, and I can always do some things from work, but there’s always that bit of work that you can’t just do from work, especially as a lot of websites are blocked.

Meanwhile we have knitting:

I realised last night that my Mums birthday is THIS Wednesday and here I was thinking I had another week to finish the second fuzzy foot and felt them both.

I was also hoping to get a pot holder for her done to match the tea cosy I made for her previously but I don’t think I’ll get it done in time, as I was going to felt that also.

I cast on for the 2nd fuzzy foot last night just before I went to bed

Here we have a nicely and very professionally modelled shot of the finished fuzzy foot, by an unknown up and coming sock model that shall remain nameless.

And look how pretty this is when it’s wound up properly using the ball winder?

It’s Noro Blossom for my Hemp Blossom Bag. Just had to show y’all!


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