28 Mar 2006

Traffic galore!

This is a photo taken on the way home yesterday. Its shows the daffodils going down the dual carriageway. I’ve been trying to get a good photo which shows this but its difficult because

a) I can’t exactly take a photo while I’m driving, I’m sure there are penalty points for that!

b) I’m nervous about taking photos when stationary in case other drivers think I’m taking photos of their registrations.

This leaves me with taking photo’s in that very small period where the car in front of me has just moved off and the one behind hasn’t copped that on yet…

Hence the photo below.

I was also very amused by this car in front of me.

I have used both the name Sweeney and the name Beara in my yahoo days. I still use Sweeney quite a lot, I used to have a kitten called Sweeney Todd, who unfortunately had feline leukaemia and I eventually had to get him put to sleep. I was very sad about this. He was such a character of a cat, he was unbelievably intelligent. He was a ginger cat but he was actually mainly white with some ginger patches on his head and back. I may post a picture of him at another stage, but I will have to get my scanner working as this was before I had a digital camera.

My sisters’ sister-in-law has just had a baby girl, and luckily I have just finished a pink pair of DB 2 needle socks!These would go quite nicely with the white pair I had finished previously, but I have already got them earmarked for another girl at work. I’ll just have to make some more! I need to get more yarn also in order to make some matching hats.I have finished one side of the Hemp Blossom Bag from Simply Noro Book and need to get another 2 skeins of Blossom in order to complete the bag. Its an easy knit bag so I’m not in a rush to finish it as it’s a good project for working on while travelling and forcing my BF to drive! I love the colours.


At 12:54, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Hi Sara,

Liking all the changes you've made to your blog. You'll have to tell me how to do the percentages table thingy for WIP's. I sent an email on Monday evening to everyone - am thinking it might not have been sent - did you receive it? I also tried to leave a comment on your meme post but it doesn't appear to have been accepted?

At 14:34, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Hi Sharon
Ill email you! I changed options to moderate comments as have had a couple from the same person trying to sell stuff


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