5 Apr 2006

The gathering of more stash...

Cheryl and I made a trip down to Rathmore in Kildare last Thursday. I was taking advantage of having a day off and doing something just for me.

We met with Jenny and Warren, who run Craftspun Yarns. They are a lovely couple, and their house and environment is just lovely, I would so love to live in such a place! There were 2 cats, one snoozing on the kitchen chair and the other one energetically jumping onto Jenny’s shoulders, 2 dogs outside, one at the front and one spotted out the back garden, and chickens and a rooster clucking away in the back garden and from their roost out the front.

Their studio is to the front/side of the house and this is where all the selling and office work seems to take place. They have shelves full of the most wonderful delights, and it was impossible to make my mind up what to take away with me.I finally decided on some of their homespun wools, which are amazing colours and feel fantastic, and some of their Kilcarra Aran wool and Kilcarra Alpaca wool.
I also bought a Royal ball winder from them after spotting a couple of them lurking on the shelf. Cheryl also has one of these, as does Sharon.I have absolutely NO idea what I’m going to use these yarns for…. yet…. but at the moment they are sitting on my kitchen table and I have a little drool over them every time I go by. I must dry them before knitting with them…Next time I make it down; I plan on buying some of their cotton/linen blend, as it is also fantastic. Jenny was showing us some of the projects she is working on using the cotton/linen blend and it knits up really nicely. Jenny has been asked by Naas library to hold a knitting group there and she is going to start doing that. Hopefully there will be an evening slot sometime that I can attend also!
And I must admit that I have been using the ball winder for anything I can get my hands on since, I'm even winding balls of wool that don't particularly need winding, cos it looks nice when its done!


At 17:48, Blogger Cheryl said...

VERY NICE ball winding! Pretty soon you'll be making pretty balls of twine, sisal and dental floss! By the way, if you don't want to buy whole cones of the linen/cotton mix, I'll go in on them it with you. I'd like to get some of that as I saw some lovely scarves at Avoca woven up with some of that. Think it will be lovely but wouldn't necessarily need an entire cone of it. So, whenever you're ready, count me in!

At 17:49, Blogger Cheryl said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 08:39, Blogger tangelled angel said...

That would be a good way of getting a few colours alright without breaking the bank, so to speak. Btw, you posted the same comment twice so I removed one of them. Just in case you are wondering why your name is against a deleted comment!

At 09:05, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

OOOOOhh those yarns look great. And you got a ball winder - congratulations - aren't they so fantastic - must post up some of my windings on my own blog. I think I have wound up everything in sight - ballwinders are so quick and addictive - I agree with Cheryl I keep looking around for anything that can fall under the ballwinders spell.

At 17:35, Blogger Cheryl said...

Yes, sorry about the multiple post! Got mesmerized by the word verification game below the comment box. "Type the letters that you see." New letters came up each time. Quite addictive! :-)


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