4 Apr 2006

How much can I post in one day?

37.5 %

My weblog owns 37.5 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?
Wow, surprising result. I thought it would be higher, but I suppose that I don't know a lot of bloggers personally and that would have an impact on the result. Not that I'm not trying to get friends to get their own blogs, but it would make things easier! ;)
Actually, most of my friends either don't own a PC or are not sure how to work the mouse...only joking, I'm sure they do, but as they don't work in the area of IT, they haven't got as much interest in it as I do.

So, 3 posts in one day, I'm making up for lost time eh!

My bf was on an overnight work trip to Amsterdam on Sunday/Monday and says he has brought me tulips home, bless, he's a pet. I'm meeting him after work before meeting up with the girls for an early bird.
I wonder do they have nice chocolate in Amsterdam, I can't remember from the last time I was there and I (in fact we) have been off chocolate for Lent, and its KILLING me! I went off alcohol for the month of January and it didnt have this much impact on me> I must be addicted! To chocolate that is. I almost crumbled on Friday night, I have some in my fridge and it was staring at me (or was I staring at it?) and willing me to pick it up and eat it. I backed away as quickly as I was able, which wasn't very quick, and managed to prise my hand off the fridge door after a few hours. So thankfully, none passed my lips. I think I went for wine instead ;)

So, I have sent my info to the hostesses of SP8 and will hopefully hear back from them soon.


At 17:51, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Yes, 3 posts a day - how are we supposed to keep up with that? I just did one post today and it took so long - blogger was really slow uploading photos and then I had lots of layout problems once I posted it - lovely!!!!!!!!

At 17:55, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

I just did the quiz - a very surprising 25% - I really thought it would be way more but then some of the questions were just weird.


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