25 Apr 2006

Mmmmm, more please!

Banana Bread ala Avoca Cafe Cookbook

This is a tried and tested recipe with me, I have made it on many occasions. It is moist and decadent and always produces a "mmmm" sound from anyone eating it for the first time.
I made this to bring it in for my work colleagues for their coffee break today.
It is even easier and quicker to make since I discovered the benefits of using my food processor to chop things!!

Bootees still need sewing up as you can see!

My friend who had her baby, last week asked me to make a hat and bootee set for a friend of hers who had also just had a baby boy. She wanted the same colours as the ones I had made her but I havent been able to get to the shop that I bought the yarn in, so I have done these up and hopefully they will be okay! If not, I'll get to the yarn shop this weekend.
Now these bootees are actually a size 0-3 months and they are looking pretty small. I'd done the first one before I realised that I had done a larger size for M's baby. I am in the process of doing the larger size and will have them for her by the weekend when I'll get the chance to see her.
After these bootees are done, I'm going to put baby knits on hold for a while as I have many things I want to do and so little time!!
I think I should try and finish a few things first before starting others....


At 17:38, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Oh that cake looks yummy and I have that cookbook now all I need is the time and a body that wouldn't put that cake straight on the hips! Baby knits look great as does the pic with you holding one - a natural I'd say.


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