19 Apr 2006

Feet ...in more than one size

I have been lax in posting this last week.

Mainly due to a lack of an available PC, also due to lending my Mum my camera, and then suffering withdrawal symptoms without it!

But I am now back on track, and now have to sort through the photo’s I have taken in order not to have photo overload.

First of all we have my Mum’s birthday present- the fuzzy feet

I’m not too sure if she really liked them but time will tell.

They were drying on the radiator after she opened the packaging as when I got home from work I steamed the hell out of them to try and stretch them before bringing them up to Mum’s.

She also got 2 free apples (kept in the toes to keep the shape while drying!)

One of my friends had her baby on Thursday, a boy, 7lbs 6ozs, and I will be seeing her this evening in order to give her and him these

Can you see how small this is!
And can you see the little hearts on it?

I also made some little shoes to match, before I knew that it was a little boy, but I think they are a bit too girly even for an infant boy to pull off!

I have enough friends pregnant at the moment to get a girl out of one of them for these lol!!

Remember these?

These are for my friend also. Believe it or not, they are actually the same size, although they don’t look like it in this photo. They are funky baby, for a funky babe.

Okay, on to the science bit.

Pattern Hat: Made with love Layette

Sticks: Size 4 dpn’s to start off with and then swapped to size 4 40cm addi circs (found them actually easy to use on such a small project compared to previous attempts to use them)

Yarn: Wendy Peter Pan DK

Pattern Bootee’s and Shoes: Peter Pan Baby Accessories (bought in Australia in 1997). Icord for the tie for the bootees.

Sticks: Can’t quite recall but I think around size 2.5 straight needles.

Yarn: Wendy Peter Pan DK (pure coincidence that I happened to buy the same yarn as the pattern asked for)

Pattern: Fuzzy Feet

Sticks: 6.5mm dpn’s

Yarn: Lopi Lite

Felting: 1 run through the machine at 50 degrees

Remember my 2 needle socks from Debbie Bliss (posting Wednesday March 8th, can't seem to link to it)

The white ones are in here:

For a work colleague who also had a baby boy last week.

Blogger has been painful in uploading photos. I actually drafted this post yesterday and couldn't upload one photo. I have managed to get them up through sheer determination this morning.
I visited new Mum last night and have photos of baby modelling hat and bootees, but they can wait for another post! (or battle with blogger as I like to call it)


At 09:45, Anonymous ronals said...

És que fa molt fred a Dublín?

At 11:35, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Great baby knits - they workup so quickly don't they.

At 13:13, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Does anyone know Spanish to help me translate what Ronals has said??


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