20 Mar 2006

A sporty weekend to you!

Sportswoman Sara, that’s what I should be called. A weekend of sports has just been completed.

The bf and myself put a few bets on the Gold Cup in Cheltenham online on Thursday night. We chose 3 horses, and my bf already had a 4th horse from a work arrangement.

We put each way bets on the 3 horses (not exactly huge amounts, probably €5 was the most). One of the horses didn’t come anywhere, but the other 3 got 1st 2nd and 3rd!

Now talk about luck!

The second sporting item was watching the 6 Nations Rugby, where Ireland v England for the Triple Crown. Ireland had previously beaten England twice in a row (I have been told, me being the most sporty of people…not) and needed this game to get the Triple Crown…. and did it! That made it beating England 3 times in a row and winning the Triple Crown 2out of 3 times in the last 3 attempts. Pretty good me thinks. Go on ye boyo’s!! See some coverage here

And finally, I was brought (not dragged as some may think) to the Meath V Kildare match by Micheál and his Dad. It was a freezing day, but we were togged up well, one may call me Ms Michelin, thanks very much! While the match was televised, we were cunning enough to stand on the side where the cameras were, so as not to be caught.

I was flagged on the right by Micheál and his Dad, Meath supporters, and on the left by a very loud Kildare woman, who knew the entire Kildare team personally, it seemed. Micheál told me later that she was reading the names from the programme. I had thought that she was a Mammy of one of them and they were due to be getting a hiding later on. (One comment repeated ?shouted often was Bring it wit-cha won’t ya and other comments that I wouldn’t be able to put into print on this innocent knitting blog) Here's where you’ll find the details of the match.

Knitting news- I have been doing a few things over the weekend, small items, but no photo’s to show at the moment. That’s another days posting!

Oh, and Happy Belated St Patrick’s Day to all! I didn’t go into see the parade in Dublin, but spent the evening in the pub with Micheál, my sister and her hubbie. We definitely drowned the shamrock; think mouth-to-mouth was unsuccessful....


At 20:27, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Go on the lilywhites - I hope you weren't supporting Meath!

At 03:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 08:44, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Thanks anonymous, but as we don't have zip codes in Ireland, I haven't even gone there!


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