14 Mar 2006

FO and WIP

I finished this face cloth a little while ago for my friends Mum, who’s not well, in Canada. Thought I’d better take a photo before I send it off! There is also a small packet of soap in the photo; I think about 5 slices, all different. I got this handmade soap from a stall at the craft fair I was in last December. The soap is made in Co. Clare, so I thought it was a fitting gift. I had a stall at the craft fair with my sister, selling cards and beaded angels.
I got the pattern here and I used less than one ball of Rowan Hand knit cotton.

The WIP is being blocked as we speak: I washed it in warm water with woolite last night and pinned it to my ironing board.
Not a very flattering ironing board cover!
It is going to be sewn up and made into a tea cosy for my Mum! Photo is for Margaret in Boston really (Hi Margaret!), otherwise I would wait until it’s done, but that will be another post!

Stash of recycled yarn:Minus the other 3 balls of blue yarn and the 2 balls of brown that were drying (I think I took this photo in between measuring for yardage)

Checking for yardage:And homemade nostepinde:

unvarnished,but not unloved...


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