7 Feb 2007

WIP Wednesday

I'm trying to get things in order in my head lately.

This is a very lengthy process, let me tell you!
One of the things I have done is create a spreadsheet with all the items that I'm planning on doing in the next year, including baby items for friends (which are a bit vague in detail, but at least I have them marked down).
I also keep a note of the items I'm working on in a notebook that I bring around with me all the time, and sometimes other things that I want to make, which don't get to the spreadsheet on the PC.
There are also always things that I want to do in my head that never get written down or done. Not forgotten though, I have a special chamber in my brain for knitting you know!
So, here is a little catalogue of all my current WIPs.
First up is a little something Im working on, which I can't quite talk about at the moment.
All you need to know is that I am also doing 3 new to me methods whilst doing it, and have a very short timeframe in which to get it done.
All I'll mention are these words: toe up, 2 on one, whilst doing magic. Ive done magic before, just not in this manor.
Here's a sneek preview -->

Onto other WIP's, this is a tea cosy for my sister, as requested....oh was it last summer.....and may have been promised for her birthday in August.....oops....

This is using a combination of luxery aran tweed by Tivoli and RYC Cashcotton 4ply, and the combination of both of them is producing a really yummy soft but thick stitch.

Then I am working on a pot holder for myself, its a test one, as I had had it in my head that I wanted to test out some stitches into knitted squares and then put some material on the back of them and use them as pot holders, then I discovered that Magknits in December had the very things I was thinking of! (unfortunately magknits archive is down for maintenance, but you can check back there later for the pattern)
So I'm using the honeycomb stitch from that, and its very nice indeed. The only thing is, I should have gone up a needle size as its a very tight fit with the cable and its leaving my fingers sore, so I can only do a few rows at a time.
Next time I'll go up a needle size, we learn from our mistakes dont we?

Depending on how my sewing turns out (yikes) I'm planning on making a few more of these.
Then there are the alpaca wristwarmers that I spoke about previously. These have been languishing somewhat due to the completion of my fetchings, as I'm wearing them constantly. Sorry about the poor lit photo, I grabbed it this morning to take pictures and didn't have the time to search for some light!

I have been asked by a friend of mine to make a dog coat for her small little dog that she thought was a Jack Russell but isn't. I thought she would forget about it....but she didn't...and has asked me a couple of times not to forget that I'm going to make her a coat.

So I've given in.

I am using recycled yarn for the majority of this, apart from the orangy neck part, and I plan to use the orange to highlight the legs also, when I do them. My friend asked for bright colours.

I'm using the pattern from the stitch and bitch nation book, but to tell you the truth, its not very good so Im winging it. It doesn't really explain things so you are left wondering what you should be doing with this bit and that bit. So its a makey upy pattern based on the one in the book really.

The good thing is that this can be thrown into the machine when it gets dirty, as it will inevitably do, with it being worn by a dog and all.

And last but not least is my Bridie cardigan.

This is my large project. I'm working on this mainly when I'm at Micheals and am progressing slowly with it.

I love the yarn and loving the way its turning out (so far....) and it knits really nicely on the bamboo needles.

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern

I am actually working on a lace scarf pattern using cotton, but at the moment it just looks like a jumble of stitches and wouldn't look like anything, which is why I haven't shown you!

So there you go. What are you knitting?

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At 13:58, Anonymous Teaandcakes said...

That's a lot to keep track of.
All your WIP's are looking lovely.
I was going to comment that Bridie's looking great, but then I wanted to add about the tea cosy and how it looks fantastic, and I couldn't forget that handwarmers and and and...

At 21:46, Blogger Robin said...

Boy I LOVE that Bridie sweater! I just wish I could touch that yarn....yum-yum!

At 22:48, Anonymous Aileen said...

Mmmm your Bridie looks delicious! Love the choice of colour, it'll look great on you! Can't wait to see more.


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