30 Jan 2007

Lion Travelling Scarf

A while back, Lauren from stitch and bitch London contacted me to see if we would join in with their campaign to knit a scarf for the 4 Lions in Trafalgar Square, which will then be auctioned off for charity.
You can see more and read more about that here.
So, I brought it to our group, and we decided to tackle it differently, we suggested a travelling scarf would be the best, instead of us all knitting squares and sewing them together.
So with a bit of too-ing and fro-ing, we decided on the best route for the scarf, so that all the groups in Dublin and hopefully surrounding area's could have a knit on the scarf. Lauren wanted photos also, so a few were taken and sent to her, she will be putting them up on the website soon.
In the meantime, here are the photos of the scarf!

Close ups of some of the stitches that were used:

The scarf packed, and ready to go to its destination.

And there we are on the map!
Its not too late to send your piece in to them, they won't be wrapping the scarves round the Lions til 20th or so of February I think....get their details from the site here
Of course its for a good cause, as if you need to even ask!
Its for Cancer Research , which is a great cause, doncha think?



At 20:24, Anonymous Sharon in Ireland said...

All the different patterns on the scarf look cool. Well done for organising this.

At 03:22, Blogger Robin said...

That's really awesome..what a great idea! Love all the different stitches!


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