1 Feb 2007

Fulled Lopi Tote

Finally I can show you my fulled lopi tote from hello yarn pattern.
I had finished this waaaay back in oh, was it October? Decided to keep it hidden to give as a present at Christmas, and then decided to keep for myself.
I hadn't blogged about it because I couldn't find the before felting pictures.
Then I did.
So...Ta Da, here we are.
Before pictures, measuring a lovely 12 1/2 inches at the waist, and reaching 17 inches in height, we have Miss Lopi, from Ireland.

I really like the bottom of this bag, the way the shaping turned out.

Once felted, once through the washing machine cycle (front loader, as are all our washing machines here in Ireland), Miss Lopi now measures 8 inches at her waist and 9 inches in height.

I love the stitch definition that you can still see, even though it has been felted, and it really is a sturdy bag!
The shaping on the bottom of the bag has turned out perfectly, with the bag looking quite "round" at the bottom. No offense, Miss Lopi.

Although its called a Lopi Tote, the only Lopi involved is the lighter stripe of green above the handles, I used lopi Light for this. The rest of the wool was a purchase from ebay that I got months and months ago, I think it was a Wendy label, but can't quite remember!
If I got the chance again to buy some of the wool though, I definately would, its lovely to knit with and as you can see, felts like a dream.
I brought this bag along to a friends house for New Years eve and her sister drooled over it big time. Ive had a few comments about it since then too. Currently, its being used as my lunch bag at work, as there is enough room for sandwiches, a bottle of water and even a book, plus my keys, purse, mobile phone and sometimes chocolate



At 18:32, Blogger Holly said...

I love this bag. Have been green with envy since seeing it. Yum!!

At 22:32, Blogger Cheryl said...

Very cute result! Bet you're glad you kept it!

At 03:20, Blogger Robin said...

Wow...that'll make a great knitting bag! I made one out of pencil roving that, sadly, fell apart during the felting process!


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