5 Feb 2007

The adventure in Kittyland

You know how cats love cardboard boxes, in fact boxes of any shape and size?
Well Reggie especially likes boxes.
This is his adventures in his new box.....until Ronnie decided to come along and sit on his head....

Has he gone yet?
Is it safe to come out yet?

Okay, thats enough of that box....now...onto the next one.

Oh and I found this link on Krafty1's blog, thought it would be a useful excercise, if only to try and keep it all in order in ma little head!

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At 04:48, Anonymous Bobbi said...

I'm glad you like the Library thing link.

At 06:29, Blogger Kristen said...

My cats love boxes, too. Their favorite game is to jump in the box and wait for a human to come along and pick up the box so that they can take a box ride. Three or four times a day, it's pretty common to see one of us carrying a box of cat around the house, with just eyes and ears poking out the top.

Your pictures are great - I love when black cats stare and you can only see their eyes.

At 15:50, Blogger Robin said...

Oh that's funny...need to put them on YouTube!


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