15 Dec 2006

Some Christmas Knitting done and dusted

2 finished objects, neither recipient reads this, so.....
(excuse the dodgy flaking windowsill, the only way to get a good picture in the light is to bring it into work with me)
This is a hat in alpaca for my Dad, this alpaca is lovely to knit with, especially on the addi turbo's, it just slides through it.

The finished hat. Its nice and stretchy, which is good as my Dads head will (hopefully) fill it.
This aplaca is both warm and light, which I really like.
Here's a close up of the top of it, showing the decreases, a simple knit 2 tog. I'm going to do a ssk on my next hat, similar to the elf hat, as I like the effect of it on the top of a hat.

The next FO is a scarf for Micheal's sister, if you remember I showed you previously.
Its been finished for a few days, just getting round to showing you here.

I love love love these colours. So pretty.
I have to block this still, as its still got that just finished look to it.
Its short enough, as I only had the one skein of Noro Silver Thaw in this colourway, but I think its a nice length, and may be just right for the recipient.
Wanna see another close up?
Course you do!
(This is my favourite colour bit)

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At 18:38, Blogger Cheryl said...

Hey, haven't had opportunity to read blogs of late. Not because of time issues or my dad's health, but I seem to be caught in a virtual black hole and have severely limited access to internet. But alas, I have been tagged for a meme. Put my response on my blog and have duly 'tagged' you to carry the torch, as it were. The rules and regs are on my blog and hope you find this wonderfully introspective! Take care!

At 12:07, Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

The Noro colourway is lovely... they're yarns can be seductive, can't they?

At 23:09, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Yes the yarns are very seductive, I think they are my favourite of all yarns at the moment. I keep forgetting about them and then rediscovering them again, a bit like a child at Christmas really!


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