3 Jan 2007

The end of the journey for Budd and mate


Managed to get the socks finally finally done, only about 7 months too late eh?

Problems included running out of yarn and not being able to obtain more without actually having to get it ordered in (and yes, springwools had no problem in ordering me in ONE ball of yarn!), and castonitis.

Em, yeah, castonitis, where I get such a thrill of casting on for new projects that everything else is put aside.

Until I find another project to cast on for.


well, its done now, and FITS and has been worn, that very day

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At 21:30, Blogger Sharon said...

Well done on getting the socks finished. Hope Micheal liked them!

At 11:04, Blogger Cheryl said...

A very BIG congrats on the completion of Budd and mate. The work on those was really great! Love that yarn too!


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