4 Jan 2007

Hat for my BIL

Again, another request for a hat, from my BIL.

This time done in Sublime Extra fine Merino wool dk.

Despite the bad photos and bad light, its not in fact navy blue, its actually a chocolate brown colour!

The piece of yarn coming out of the top of the hat on the pic on the right is actually to show you how much was left out of a 50g/ 127yards ball.

I was sooo disappointed in this yarn.


Well, it was a dream to knit with, really soft and spongy and no problems knitting it, very warm when I finished it, no problems with gadge. Loved it.

Then I washed it.

In warm water, not hot, with eucalon.

And it stretched.

Noticably so.

It went from a nice stretchy but tight enough fit, to a loose fit.

On me, I'd have been worried about wearing it in windy weather as I could see it flying off, but my BIL's head is a little bigger than mine so I thought it wouldn't be too much of a problem.

When he tried it on, it didnt look too bad actually, it was much bigger on me, so fingers crossed its what he wanted.

I haven't heard any complaints from him about it...yet...I was disappointed about the stretching, it was a real let-down from an otherwise seemingly perfect yarn.

I have another ball of it but am reluctant to try anything else with it really at the moment!



At 21:24, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Oh, not good news about the Sublime. I bought some of that too in Birmingham but don't have it with me! Hat looks great all the same.

At 17:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your BIL is very fond of the aforementioned hat. It is presently the most frequent hat on his head! and so, it is safe to say that i think he likes it very much!

off to measure my teapot...!


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