19 Dec 2006

Weird or what?

I've been tagged along with The Other 4.

Hmm interesting. 6 weird things about me.

This should be good.
How honest should I be??

Well, like Holly and Isobel, I don't really like tagging people or passing on those emails that say you have to pass on to 5 million people or else your feet will fall off. As my friend Christina knows, i never do it, yet bless her heart, she still passes them on to me.
My feet haven't fallen off yet.

In saying that,I think I did do a meme before and tagged a few people.

I've only managed to do this a couple of days after being tagged, and have only had the chance to catch up on some of my bloglines reading also, and noticed that chocolate trudi not only has the same weird thing about her as her number one, but she went and used it as her number one. What the hell, I'll go with it, just in case you guys are too lazy to go and check out what her number one is.


1. I can move my eyebrows independantly of each other. Very Spock-like, or 007-like. Used to cause hours of fun. It still helps with entertaining occasionally.

2. When I type, no matter how much I concentrate on it, I always leave the I in lower letters. This means I usually have to go back and correct it before I finish documents/send emails or post to my blog etc.

3. My brother and I were born in Zambia and Zimbabwe, respectively, of Irish parents, and we lived in Zambia until I was 3.

4. My banana bread tastes exactly like the avoca banana bread (which it should because its from the avoca cookbook no.1). I know, because i finally bought some from avoca yesterday.

5. Dyslexia runs in my family, I have a number of cousins who have various degrees of it. I think I have a form of it when it comes to typing because I regularly type words backwards, or all mixed up, but with all the correct letters in it. I usually know I have typed it incorrectly 'cos it doesn't feel right when im typing, but its only when I see it on the screen that I realise. As I have never been taught how to type, I usually only check the screen after every few words.Is this even possible??

6. I love to dance. I have had both salsa and tango lessons and danced salsa for about 3 years. I was never a whizz kid salsa dancer, I danced because I loved it. There were a lot of people where I danced that took it so seriously that you would wonder if they got any fun out of it at all. Not me, I laughed if I tripped over myself and felt like a child then when my dance partner frowned at me for laughing and giggling.

An additional no.7 from my boyfriend: I love to buy teapots. I have a bit of a fetish for them. I use them all, I choose whichever one I'm in the mood for using at that time! I have 5 at the moment, all rotated, (and 3 coffee pts)and would have a whole lot more if I had room for them! Micheal thinks this is very weird when one teapot would do...however, he brought me home a teapot from Holland so he's only fueling my fetish...if thats an appropriate word to use for a teapot from Amsterdam....

There you go, thats it. You are tagged if you're reading this!

Note: While every attempt has been made to correct the "i"'s in this posting, I cannot guarantee that this is 100% completed



At 16:26, Blogger Cheryl said...

Well, thanks for sharing...didn't want my feet to fall off so I passed it along...just goest to show you what one will do when dealing with family crisis! But, on the other hand, very interesting bits to know about you...

At 23:02, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Well, my feet havent fallen off yet, and I must confess that i have been known to very very very occasionally pass on one or two items that manage to get by my defences...feet fine so far.
Good to hear your dad is doing well and u arrived back safely!


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