11 May 2006

Yay Secret Pals everywhere!

I recieved an email from my secret pal first thing this morning, thank you secret pal! Good to hear from you.
I also recieved the name of the person I'm spoiling, and have since been reading her blog and getting an idea of what she likes. I have also sent her an email to say hello.
I'm sure that all over the world this is happening, people waking up to emails from their secret pal's and sending emails to the person they are spoiling (is there a word for this? maybe I should abbreviate it to PIAS-person I am spoiling). Its so exciting.
No knitting pic's today, just this:
Can you see what they are?
Baby soothers, or dody's as they are called here. There is a building in town that has this very strange pattern painted all over it, and this metal tree of dody's is outside the front door.
How cool is that!


At 14:30, Anonymous Isobel said...

I have my person to spoil too, and have been planning and coming up with ideas, but no word yet from the person who will be spoiling me :-(

At 17:18, Anonymous Isobel said...

Ohh, now I've been contacted. Yay! This is so much fun already.


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