2 May 2006

AAh yes, we have some more pictures

A second set of bootees and hat for my friend, she wants to give them as a special gift to a friend who had a baby boy at the same time. My friend thinks that these types of gifts are hard to find and for the person who has everything, it’s an extra special gift. Just the kind of thing for the hard-to-buy-for person.

My friend has had many compliments on her own hat and bootee set on her babe!

(She prefers the colours I did for her)

I did 2 sizes on the bootees, as I was half way through the first size (0-3months), before I realised that was the size I was doing. So I finished the pair in that size and did another pair in a larger size.

And what do we have here?

My very own nametag.

I decided to look into nametags a good while ago and never went anywhere with it until we had a discussion at the March SnBIE meeting with Sharon. Next thing I knew, I had 2 different types of tags, one with handwash only on it by tangelled angel and one with the inscription you see there. It looks almost professional LOL ;-)

So I will now attempt to post another photo or 5 from the SnBIE meeting on Saturday, here we go!!

Below we have from left: Sharon, Isobel, and Holly, then Cheryl from olannban fame and Bríd.
We then have a lovely picture of mitred squares done by
Sharon and Isobel, perched delicately over the One Skein book that we were oohing and aahing over.

Unfortunately, again I will have to post more pictures in the next few days, as I have been having trouble with positioning (as you can see!) and also with the repositioning of photos that need adjusting anyway, and Im late leaving to collect bf from the train!!!
(He has a very nice reward system for me for when I'm on time, more on that for another post, lots to post about this week, hopefully I'll get the time to do it all!!)


At 21:26, Blogger KnitPastis said...

I think the hat and booties are perfect to give someone who has everything. How cute! Hey, you guys look like your having a great time knitting. That looks like a place I would be happy knitting at with all of you!!


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