8 May 2006

The travelling diary of a sock, part 1

Hello, my name is Budd, I’m a sock in progress and I thought I would show you some of my travelling photos.

Here I am, just starting off my life and deciding to take the train as my first way of getting from a to b. I brought along my friends Bob and Ben, they protect Sara from getting stabbed from the dpn’s when I’m in her bag. Sara was hungry on her way home from work so I let her try this very tasty Bubbles chocolate bar from Lidl.
My life came about when Sara saw this design in Interweave on-line and thought the pair of Manly Ribbed Socks was ideal for her boyfriend. She also decided to use this ball of Rowan Calmer in black as its nice and soft and not too warm for the summer months and her boyfriend may just wear them, as he doesn’t wear any other colour than black in his socks. Lucky for me eh? Oh and I don't take too good a photo with camera phones, doesn't quite get my good side you see.

So here I am now in Clare, I did a bit of driving in the car to get here, and saw a bit of the countryside on the way. I’m just taking a rest here, as Sara has to go and help Micheál in cleaning the cottage. I’m out in the conservatory at the moment, but sure you don’t want to see that, just me.

Obviously Bob and Ben are here also, they come everywhere with me, my faithful friends.

I’m out in the car again, and Sara has decided that she has worked out the magic loop method. So I have been shifted from dpn’s to a size 3 circular needle and have these odd bits sticking out each side. I’m not sure that this works as well as dpn’s as I don’t seem to be growing as fast, and I want to grow up!!
So I have been brought back to the haven of the cottage’s conservatory and Sara is sitting on the swinging couch (although God knows why she is sitting on a swinging couch indoors, strange girl!) and doing a bit of work on me.

I think she has decided to take pictures of my progress as she goes or something. Yes, here she is knitting away, and has just finished a side before she transfers it onto the loop of the circular needle.

Between you and me and the swinging couch, I think that Sara should switch back to the dpn’s as the magic loop method is taking a lot longer, oh….Sara must have heard me, there she is getting them out again. She has switched me back to the dpn’s and put away the circular needle. She is looking frustrated, and what’s that, the wine is being poured and I’m being put away….. nooooooooo

I'll have to sit in her bag and peek out at the scenery instead... :-)
I like Bluebells....

More updates of where I’ve been and where I’m going next time..check back in now!


At 19:59, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Hiya Budd, Looks like you've been having advertures in your short little life. Looking forward to seeing you grow up!

At 20:50, Blogger Emma said...

So cute! Can't wait tos ee what happens next.


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