3 May 2006

A Non-knitting posting...

May Day here in Ireland was a fairly good day, although we didnt get the lovely weather we were promised on Saturday of the weekend, in fact it was positively cold where I was.
Still, we decided to go out for a walk to Dun Laoighre - and didn't go anywhere near the yarn store :( .
I managed to get in a few photos (of course!). This view, for anyone who doesn't know the area, is of Howth head, which is an almost island off the north coast of Dublin. An affluant area, it has many very rich people living there. Phil Lynott is also buried in a cemetry at the entrance to Howth, and there are some lovely walks and climbs and views from the place, as well as some lovely restuarants etc. The view from Dun Laoighre is technically from right across from it, if you imagine a semi-circle, then Howth head is at the top and Dun Laoighre is about 7/8's along the bottom. I think that you can just about see a ferry coming in on the right of Howth, this comes around Howth head and into Dun Laoighre itself. The ferry goes to Wales and I think France also.
Meanwhile, we have the Mothership!
If you click on the picture, you can see from the plaque to the bottom that its actually called the Mothership.
I think this person was obviously influenced by a bit of Sci-fi.
And I like Sci-fi.
At the top of the pier there is a very interesting dial, which has all the interesting area's within view-point of the dial and gives an approximate yardage to that point. In the picture below, it is showing the public baths (unfortunately now dis-used) and if you look above the dial, the white structure is the public baths.
The images themselves are intricate and resemble the item they are supposed to resemble!!
And if you look to the top of this picture, you can see the actual pier along which we then went to walk. (and a very annoying little boy who kept walking across the dial despite pleas from his Mum to get down)
And then we have a view of the pier itself, going around to the left. Aren't the boats just lovely?!
Finally, I'm going to leave you with a couple of pictures from the peoples park in Dun Laoighre, which we passed through on the way back to the car. The place was just jam packed with flowers, must have a dedicated gardener to keep it so well!

And thats all folks!
Until the next time....


At 21:19, Blogger KnitPastis said...

That is the most beautiful tulip I have ever seen!

At 08:57, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Thanks! It was only one of many around, in all sorts of colours, and hard decision which ones to photograph.


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