10 May 2006

Felted Bowl

Remember the hand-dyed and hand spun yarn I got from Holly from StitchNBitchIE ?
(Holly, you just have to get a blog for yourself-pressure, pressure!!)
Well I thought and thought about what I would do with it and couldn't come up with anything that was immediately required.
Then I thought of
One Skein and decided to do up one of their fulled bowls, just to try out the yarn, see how it knit and see how it felted.
Do you like the way I have positioned the cakes over the census form? It was collected last night. For those of you outside of Ireland, we had a census of the population here recently.

So anyway, the shetland wool seemed to be the one that was asking to be used (mainly because I had 2 skeins of it compared to one skein of the merino) so I threw myself into the pattern and came up with a nice hat.
No, just trying it on for fun, but it could actually be used as a basic hat pattern .

So here is the finished item before felting.
I left the small amount of shetland wool beside the FO to show you that there was actually some left over.
I used 6 1/2 mm circular needles/dpn's and on 4 inches, the gadge was approximately 14 stitches across and 22 inches down.

I put it through 4 washes in the washing machine, the first 3 were on 30degrees, and the final one was at 50degrees.
The first 3 felted it very slightly, but the stitches were still very defined, so in a fit of desperation, I threw it into a 50degree wash and voila!
Felted nicely.
The jeans got a great washing also!
The pyrex jug is to keep the shape while it dries.
This is the bottom of the bowl. Don't the colours look nice? It almost looks like a flower shape, the way that it has been dyed.

And the fait accompli.
One fulled bowl ala
One Skein and Holly.
Merci beaucoup!!

I'm not sure what I'll do with it now I've made it, maybe I can bring it into work and use it for my fruit, although its probably too small for too many pieces! Suggestions would be welcome...
Meanwhile, I will leave it to dry in the sunshine, on my dresser,
in peace.


At 22:12, Anonymous a simple yarn said...

How cute is that!?! It's a hat! It's a bowl! It's an emergency tea cozy! How wonderfully diverse...

At 09:50, Blogger tangelled angel said...

hey, emergency tea-cozy...never thought of that! Good suggestion!!

At 15:20, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Looks great. Felts well. Looking froward to getting my hands on some of Hollys yarn.


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