29 Apr 2006

SnB bank holiday weekend meet up

We meet up the last Saturday of every month for the StitchNBitchIE, and this months happened to fall on a bank holiday weekend. Decided to go ahead with it anyway as there were enough people interested.
We meet in the Library Bar of the Central Hotel and the last meeting, the place was packed out, we managed to steal enough chairs and position ourselves near the bar (for the soft drinks only of course) but Sharon had to keep moving her chair to let people through, and I reckon there were about 12-15 of us there.
This time, there were 6 of us, and I think we shared the bar with another 4 people, and that number wasn't consistent. The place was so quiet it was unbelievable. Apart from the man who sounded like the rats from the movie Chicken Run, as Cheryl described!
This time, I brought my camera. I meant to do it on the last occasion and for some reason left it at home, but think it may have been a good move as there were a lot of faces I wasn't familiar with the last meeting so I probably wouldn't have gotten the courage to take it out and take photos of total strangers to me.
So here we are, I was going to post lots of pictures but due to the length of time its taking me to put them up, I have narrowed it down to the 2 that I did manage to upload!. Has anyone else been having these problems with uploading photos to blogger or is it just me???
I think if you click on the pictures you can see bigger versions

I will post the rest of them tomorrow as it may be the PC Im working on.

On the left here we have Isobel showing Holly her mitred squares and gave a very good discription of how they work.

On the right we have Sharon, Isobel and Holly who had to take up their knitting and pretend they were knitting away on my request.
If you have a close look at the photo above, on the table, there are a few skeins of Holly's hand-dyed and handspun yarn. Mmmmmm gorgeous! She brought along skeins of merino, shetland and a wool blend. All very yummy.
I will post again about these with a close up picture and I will post with more pictures from the meeting also, have to go, this post has been almost 3 days in formation!!! (All due to problems with uploading photos)


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