12 May 2006

Travellings of a lone sock

Hey folks, Budd here again. Just thought I'd show you my first ever trip on a Luas. (For those who don't know about this amazing mode of transport, you can read about it here ) Anyway, I was coming back from town with Sara and she decided that now was an ideal time to show me a bit of Dublin. Sara got a great seat facing backwards on the Luas and there were no other people standing in front, so she thought it was an ideal opportunity to take me out, do a bit of work on me, and take a photo for posterity.
She even managed to take a photo of
Heuston Station as we were going by. It looks surprisingly quiet at this time (around 9pm) which is strange as its usually so busy. I suppose Sara is used to seeing it thronged with people at peak travelling times!
Other than the Luas, I have been brought out to play on the train a couple of times in the evening (we leave from
Heuston Station), and in the morning on the bus. But sadly, Sara is not progressing with me as much as I'd hoped, but she is getting there slowly!
I don't think she will get very far with me over the weekend either as she is having too much fun socialising away from me. She brings me along with her everywhere in her bag but she seems to forget about me! Boo hoo. Still, I suppose its hard to be a lone sock in a place full of people......pubs...restarants....visiting people....
Maybe someday I'll have a companion to keep me company!!


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