16 May 2006

Knitting in Croke Park

Well, I was brought along to the Meath v Louth game in Croke Park, and I shamed all who were with me by taking out my knitting.
Well, I don't think I really shamed them, but it got a few laughs!
The fact they moved 5 seats away was being unable to see the field, honest!!
They didn't actually move away, but my BF's sister did say that I would be on the news that evening as the person knitting in the crowd.
There were lots of people at the game, all apart from the Hill, which was pretty empty.
Needless to say, we were supporting Meath, as my BF is from there. They played pretty poor in the first half, but then came back and hammered Louth!
I got some knitting done, its slow progress, but I am just about ready to do the heel part.
I haven't had much to post about with knitting lately, because I'm trying not to start new things, but haven't got much time to be doing what I currently have on the needles, if you know what I mean! I have been doing a bit of recycling of wool from charity shop buys, and some winding into cakes of yarn I currently have, and some that I have recycled and washed.
I am also going to be away from a PC (and TV!!) from this evening as we are going to Clare for a few days!! I really need a break, and its my BF's birthday tomorrow so we thought we would take some time out.
I have however, packed quite a few new cakes of yarn that I want to start items with.So, have plans and hopefully will follow up on them!!
So I may have pictures next time I post.
I have finished the Noro Blossom bag, but just waiting to sew it together and put a lining into it that I bought. This may be a long time coming as Im not great at sewing!
(Meath are the ones in green....)
(Meath are also in the lead......)


At 16:47, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Enjoy your break. Brave woman bringing knitting to Croke Park that's taking KIP to a whole new level!

At 02:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I love that you call balls of yarn 'cakes'. It makes me hungry every time I read it!

Secret Pal

At 13:19, Blogger KnitPastis said...

Heheee, I felt like that when I was knitting on the airplane only they had nowhere to move to.

At 17:20, Blogger Areli said...

A bag made of Noro Blossom, that sounds so pretty, I read your reaction to the ad in your last post. Good for you, it's weird how people think only old people would want to knit.


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