10 Mar 2006

An update on Daffodils

An update on the daffodils is that they are flurishing throughout the snap of cold weather we have been having. Here they are, happy with their beech hedging protecting them.

I haven't been knitting for the last 2 days (I know, shock and horror!) but I have been busy otherwise.
I have seen the wisdom of recycling yarn as seen in Ashleys site, and I have been busy learning about the process. Several badly knit jumpers later, I now have the products of about 4 jumpers in a bag. This of course is not enough for me, I went into a charity shop again yesterday and bought a baby blue poncho, which I went about unravelling last night. I then moved onto a jumper I had been unravelling the night previously, and measured out just over 400 yards on my new yarn measuring implement that my bf kindly out together for me (no pic but will update in next post). I divided this 400 yards into 2 skeins and washed them in woolite, in fairly warm water, rinsing them twice or three times, and then hung them to dry in my bathroom.
If you click on the pic,you can even see the drips of water from the right hand one!

This is just the product of the back of the jumper, I haven't even started on the front or the arms. I started with the back because it was the easiest, although the arms are seperated, but they have a lovely teacher-like patch on the elbows which were frustrating me removing them. The front has a zip at the top and its frustrating me also, so left all the rest for another time.
Here is a bad close up of the wool with a funny shiny thing which must have been a result of the flash against the railing.

The wool is actually a nice brown, with a few flecks in it. I can see it as a nice bag, with funky lining. Its also really soft. I will take more pictures, it was quite late when i was doing this and as usual I decided to forego sleep over getting it finished!
I have got a bid on a lovely nostepinde on ebay from the States, which fingers crossed, I'll win. In the meantime, my bf has made me my own one out of a chair leg we bought in Woodies! If my skeins are dry, I'll be trying it out tonight! Must take pictures.


At 14:57, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Hey Sara,
I have a book which has an idea for making bags out of old jumpers. The jumpers need to be 100% wool and therefore capable of felting. It looks quite easy - you throw it in the washing machine to felt it - cut off the sleeves -do a bit of sewing and tadahh you have a new bag. Ok, I'm sure it's not quite that easy but I can bring the book with me to the next meet up if you wish ( I promise I'll make it this time - sick or not). I bought an X-Large wool jumper in a charity shop and have got to the stage of felting it .....but alas I've done nothing else - sewing is not my idea of fun.

At 00:00, Blogger Cheryl said...

I've done that...made a handbag out of a cardy I never wore. Came out quite cute, I must say! Even used the pre-made buttonholes for the flap closure. Did a little beadwork and voile--bag!

At 13:27, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Wahh, that reminds me of the jumpers and stuff I have lying around that need to be unraveled! I think your idea of making a cool, funky bag out of that yarn is perrrfect, looking forward to seeing the pictures of it!
And thanks a lot for the photo of the daffodils, such photos are a source of hope for me at the moment that it's possible that winter might end this year - someday....somehow.... sometime....


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