8 Mar 2006

Misty damp morning

There was a 3 car collision just off the slip road from the Celbridge roundabout onto the N4 this morning, which affected the traffic in that unique Irish way- it stopped it completely. As I was coming along the roundabout and about to take the slip road onto the motorway, I noticed in horror that the traffic was backed up under the motorway and as far as the eye could see to the left and to the right. As I threw out a few expletives, I quickly made the decision not to take that road. That left 2 options, go back through Celbridge, Newcastle and onto the N7, to similar traffic probably, or to go the country roads past Intel and along the Strawberry beds. I chose the latter, hoping against hope that it wouldn’t be affected.

A crash on any of the roads going into Dublin in the morning seems to have a knock-on effect everywhere, even if you are going down the road to your local shop for some milk.

So I took the much longer route of Strawberry beds (sounds delightful, dontcha think?) and was free sailing until probably almost the end of the strawberry beds. As the traffic slowed down to a halt at traffic lights, I managed to get this picture.

It’s a bit fuzzy as the car in front of me started going as I took it and I panicked, thinking the guy behind me was thinking what a weirdo taking photo’s at that time of the morning!
Anyway, it followed with a lovely drive through Phoenix Park; sightings of a herd of deer and a Stag in the distance, watching the cars pass by. Again I tried to take a pic but didn’t get them and it was very fuzzy, oh what the hell, here it is.

If anyone reading this is not Irish, and plans on coming to Ireland at some stage, I would advise going to Phoenix Park early in the morning for a walk, especially a damp misty morning like today, it was glorious. I felt like abandoning my car and staying there for a while, but work called.

Knitty news, I finished the butterfly scarf

It measures 65 inches and I didn’t take a pic of me wearing it as I was in my caj gear and looked a sight!

I also got delivery of a parcel from an ebay purchase (note to self: stop buying yarn!) which I bought specifically for a Rowan book I had bought, of course I bought the wrong type, I bought cotton rope, not cotton tape, but I will go ahead and see what I can do with it.

Here it is:And here’s what I’m hoping to make with it, first of all:

And here are the finished 2 needle socks from Debbie Bliss. The first of many!


At 14:54, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Love the colour of the new yarn and as for the scarf - I think I'm beginning to dislike you - a lot - just how many F.O's can one person have?

At 15:07, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Oh thanks! I don't know how I get so much done to tell you truth, but I do have something with me at all times, so if waiting for a friend somewhere or if im in the passenger seat of car etc, I whip it out and do a couple of rows. All add up really. I also do a lot of small projects, as I find I lose interest quite quickly if its a larger item.
I even knit in the pub last sunday while my bf and his friend watched the match! I got a few strange looks from a woman on the other side of the pub. Im sure she was just jealous....really, Im sure she wasnt thinking I was a nutter....was she?

At 08:11, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Gosh, traffic chaos in the morning is a true horror, isn't it? It's the same over here, traffic is already extremely heavy, but just an accident and basically every road is affected.

I love the yarn you got for yourself - isn't it always like a celebration receiving parcels with yarn? Like XMas and birthday at once :) Amazing scarf too - I can't help wondering how you're able to knit so fast! Wow!

At 23:20, Blogger becks said...

don't you just love that debbie bliss baby knits book?? i;ve been going through it, and have knitted two pairs of socks, the hat and the slash neck sweater. they're all such great patterns... and your socks look brilliant!


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