6 Mar 2006

Sara the Conqueror!

Formally known as Stripy Socks superhero

(Internal joke!)

I have managed to knit one of the 2 needle socks from Debbie Bliss. Here is the evidence:

think I know what I did wrong. The part that requires you to put (?) 12 stitches in the middle of the row onto a stitch holder in order to proceed with knitting the heel, I did so, and then I think it was at this point I read the pattern wrong and knit several rows on these stitches, instead of on the heel. I must have put it down and come back to it a few minutes later and made the mistake at that point, as when I went to create 8 stitches down the side of the heel and then knit from the stitch holder, that’s when I ran into difficulties. No matter how much I read the pattern, I couldn’t figure it out. Note to myself in that situation again: put it down and come back with a fresh approach the next day.
I of course, continued the sock and had a piece separating the heel bit from the top of the foot bit, and it just wasn’t right.
I started afresh on another sock, in another colour (perhaps I was pushing my luck knitting a pink sock as my first friend that is due already has a little boy aged 2), white, and successfully completed it first time round, without frogging any of it, and with the pink one beside me as a guide NOT what to do. I did however miss a couple of rows at the cuff so its not as long as it should be, but I remembered to do this in the second sock, which I’m half way through as we speak. So they will match at least.
I reckon that I will be able to do a pair of these easily in an evening, so will stock up a bit on them before moving onto the baby hat in the same book Debbie Bliss, Baby knits for beginners simple hat. I mean, look at the face on the baby, isn’t he just gorgeous??!! How could I not recreate the same look of joy in a baby wearing a handknit hat! I mean, obviously, he/she will know that it’s a special hat….

On another note, this is what I was also doing over the weekend.

We did quite a bit of driving around over the weekend, and I made my poor bf do all the driving so I could knit in the passenger seat. Its an easy knit, and I plan to wear it a lot during the day at work, and other times also! I may have to do a few alternative colours/ variations in yarn. It’s from the StitchnBitch Nation book, which I have, but you can also download the pattern in a pdf format here and it’s the butterflies are free pattern. I did this previously for my sister and did the butterfly also, crochet and all, even though I don’t crochet, and my mum thought it looked like a turtle……

I’m using a Tivoli yarn called Sophia and the composition is 30% cotton, 30% nylon, 20% mohair and 20% acrylic. 50g=90 metres. I got a bag of it from Hickeys a good while back, reduced to €1.85 a ball at the time, and made my first pair of wrist warmers from it also (which were swiped by Siobhan) which I am planning on repeating. Its nice and soft when knitted up, and warm also.

Sorry for the quality of these pictures, its hard to get a good photo of yourself!

As you can see, it isn’t finished yet, the end isn’t weaved in, and it’s still attached to a knitting needle! I hope to get it finished this evening. I want it a lot longer.


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