14 Feb 2006

Where to start!

Full on view
Well, lots of photos, and finishing off furious knitting furiously, and travelling, and partying and lunching and shopping.
As I said in the previous posts about this bag, I started very late with a serious deadline. This meant that although we had a very very early start on saturday morning (5am yikes), I stayed up until midnight finishing the knitting for the bag.
Showing bottom of bag
This involved also adding the knitted handles for the wooden dowels, which my bf so kindly prepared, cut, sanded and varnished for me.
The artistic side view

I ended up sewing the handles in the car on the way to the airport. Luckily, years of night duty prepared me for this, lol
The finished object!
Anyways, my friend loved it (luckily) but unfortunately I didn't get a pic of her with it, I'll have to ask her to pose and take a pic and send it to me (Sherri-if you are reading this.....?)
She also liked the curley wurley, althought it could have been a bit longer. Her Mum crochets so I'm going to send her a pattern I have for a crochet curley wurley.
The party went well, S was really surprised, as I hadn't told her we were coming. It was held in Zakudia near Southwark Bridge, and had a fantasic view of the Thames.
Here are a couple of pics:
Party girl on the right and me on the left
So, her hubbie arranged all of this and arranged the most fantastic (and suitably themed) cake for her also. Anyone who knows S will know that she likes her shoes......
And here is a close up:

Note the bf in the background on the left and the table full of the most amazing cocktails that we were drinking all night.
This of course led to these kind of poses:
Please look beyond these eegits to the lovely picture behind
I think this is enough photos for the one day's post. Part 2 tomorrow!


At 17:44, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Well done, the bag looks fantastic and the handles are great too - fair play to the bf! Looks like ye all had a great night - your friends birthday cake is amazing.


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