16 Jan 2006


One week today, thats the anniversary. This blog is one week old today, yayy, celebrations.
I didn't get a chance to look further at this over the weekend, I was hoping to do some work on the blog but didn't get near a computer at all.
My PC at home is fairly knackered and very frustrating to use, which is why I avoid it at all costs! But my better half's PC is great, and I thought I would get using it last night. However, I came down with a cold yesterday and was so wrecked by the time we got to his place that all I wanted to do at that stage was go to bed, which I did.
However, did manage on Saturday to attend the Stitch n Bitch meeting, which was my first time going. A bit daunting at first but everyone seemed very nice and I look forward to the next one. There were plenty of ideas going around and I must look into some of them.
One of the girls was telling me about a place in Rathmore that spin their own wools and had some samples with her, so thats on my list to do: go and visit them and bring loads of cash (ha ha, where will I get THAT from!). There was also discussion about a felting class but unfortunately its on during the day so I won't be able to make that. I may enquire though if there will be one on in the evening sometime or at a weekend. I will struggle on with my own felting attempts in the meantime!
I went home full of enthusiasm, and ended up not touching me knitting for the rest of the weekend practically! Still, I cooked a lovely lamb kofta meatballs recipe, subsituting beef for the lamb, and coconut (light) milk for the creamed coccnut as I couldnt get my hands on the creamed. Got the recipe from January's edition of Delicious, and a friend of mine had cooked it previously so wanted to have another taste! However, we must be pigs, because it was supposed to do 4-6 people and we ate the whole lot.
Anyway, enough of an essay for the moment, Im sure that I will have plenty more to say, and add, the next time.
toodleoos for the moment


At 13:04, Anonymous Isobel said...

I was looking for information on the felting class and came across this: http://www.virtualdublin15.info/sheila/workshop.html

They seem to be running a workshop on the 4th Feb which I'm tempted by but undecided about as I don't have many free weekends (so might like that one just for relaxing). It seems to be about making felt from scratch, rather than felting knitted products, but looks interesting.

At 13:47, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

It was great to meet you too Sara. I'm having real problems with my second post on my blog and I'm getting really frustrated trying to sort it out. A bit like you had problems with images........but that seems to only be the start of my problems. I've now called in the professionals. Two of my friends know HTML so hopefully they can sort it out for me.

At 13:49, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Yes it looks interesting alright, but as you said, it does look like its making felt from a fleece rather than felting already knitted items. I'm babysitting that weekend with my boyfriend for his neice so won't be able to make the 4th (he's on call so could get called into work). I think I may just stick with the knitting and then felting for the time being as like yourself, I haven't that much time on my hands at the moment!


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