7 Feb 2006

Investigations and completions

I received another batch of wool from an e-bay order, and it is a lovely green colour, 100% wool so will (hopefully) be good for felting. I think there is about 450g of it so will be put to good use!
Here is a photo of my parents cat Haff investigating it. Of course I couldn't get a nice pic of him playing with the wool as once I got the camera out he became all camera shy....
I've already started using the wool in a pattern I'm making up as I go along for a bag for a friend.
I've taken a cable pattern from an old book I have of different patterns, can't remember the name off hand but will update with WIP photos hopefully tomorrow. I'm using some of the Sirdar wool that I got off ebay previously and the green wool featured above and its working out quite nicely so far. Hopefully it will continue to, as I had started it a couple of weeks ago and had to frog it.
Meanwhile, I finished the scarf for my bf and here is the very man posing, sorry- showing it off:
Of course, its not as cold out as it was last week. Typical eh!! The photo doesnt do the pattern justice, its quite dark, but it is a lovely finish. Enough to keep him snuggy anyways.


At 18:54, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Well done on getting the scarf finished, another FO bites the dust. So, what does the boyf think of it - is he impressed?

At 08:24, Blogger tangelled angel said...

he seems to like it alright! It should keep him warm anyway, its lovely wool, pity its discontinued.


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