1 Feb 2006

Oh the joy of it all

The Winter Muff is finished, and was really easy to do up.
It probably took about 4 hours all in all, but I kept on putting it down and doing other things which is why its taken so long to do. A lot of this was in relation to what I was wearing at the time, as the Jaegar fur yarn kept attaching itself to the wrong items of clothing and leaving little reminders for me! But its nice, and it turned out well, and is really soft and warm.
I will be giving it to my sis soon, and I may even get to get a photo of her modelling it, if she'll let me...

So I started on a scarf for my BF, which is a long time coming I can tell you. I'm frantically knitting to try and finish it soon, as its quite cold out at the moment here and knowing my luck it'll turn very warm as soon as I cast off.
I used the pattern from crazyauntpurl and here is a close up of the pattern detail:
Isn't it lovely?
I am using some of the Debbie Bliss Maya wool I got from Get Knitted, and its knitting up really nicely, I'm really pleased with it.
Note the very professionally rolled ball of wool..not!


At 09:50, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Sara, the finsihed winter muff looks great. Hope your sister likes it. You've inspired me to pull out some Jaeger Fur Yarn I have....think I'll knit a cushion cover - I have three different colours so I may try some stripes, will have a think about it.

At 11:21, Blogger tangelled angel said...

A cushion cover would be lovely in the fur alright! good luck with it! Its easier to knit with than it looks.

At 18:53, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Well, I started the cushion cover........don't think I have enough yarn to even do one side though. Typically I just rushed in and started knitting, will have to review.


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