12 Jan 2006

Taken by the short and curleys

Well my second curley wurley is not as large as the first one, in width that is. The wool that I used, Lang Yarns, Nabucco, was really nice, had some thin strands and some chunky strands, which made the increasing part of curley's quite difficult to do at times, and unfortunately left the curley without that width that I expected it would have. As I only had one ball of the wool, I couldn't do anything else with it. Still, its a fashion item, I'm giving it to my sis, T, for her skiing trip, so she can go and be fashionable at apr├ęs ski! Well, what I want to know, is how does the curley get from this (on right) to this, its a total transformation!
I think I'll have to take a break now from curleys or I'll be dreaming of them. A hat for my bro, which has been promised since Christmas, is the next thing, and THEN I'll do something for myself! I promise, and I'll hold myself to that, lol.


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