24 Feb 2006

Socks ahoy!!

I am knitting socks!!
I can't believe it, after all the fussing I have been doing about the whole thing.
In an ideal world, I wanted to do a toe up sock, and both socks preferably on one circular needle please!
My gadge was wrong.
I couldn't figure out the working off one circular needle.
The smallest dpn's I had were 2.75.
I had no sock patterns.
I then had too many sock patterns.
Only a fraction of these were for 4ply yarn and I wasn't confidant enough to substitute another size yarn.
I ended up putting all of my patterns aside, took my 2.75 dpn's, ripped out the swatch I was knitting and went hell for leather with a pattern I received with some Lorna's Laces yarn I bought. I didn't use the Lorna's Laces though, its too yummy to waste on a first effort!
Instead I used Town & Country and its very interesting to see how the seemingly randomly dyed yarn works into such orderly rows and pattern!
The yarn itself is okay to use, although it tends to get all stuck together in parts and needs careful handling to untangle/seperate. I don't know if its the way I use it, I take the end point from inside the ball of yarn instead of the end point on the outside as I find the yarn sits there as I knit instead of rolling around on the floor.
So far I have gotten about half way through the first sock, I'm fast approaching the heel flap part, so wish me luck!! Think I'm gonna need it!
Unfortunately, Im having trouble uploading photos today so will have to put them in again next time.


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