15 Feb 2006

Part 2

Does these photos give you any hint at where we were at the weekend?
Took a good few tubes from a to b and back to a again, and maybe back to b afterwards.
The first photo I took of this tube was meant to be of the tube coming into the station and my bf was saying that I'd blind the tube driver with the flash, so I was all prepared to take the photo- my camera is a bit odd in that it has a red flashy bit just before it flashes so I was going to do that bit before the tube came into the station, and the damn thing went off and caught an unsuspecting man who was leaning forward at the time. So in between cursing and waiting for the camera to get ready for the next photo, I missed the grand entrance. This is the result, I gave up! I deleted the pic of the man leaning forward (if you are reading this, man leaning forward!)

So anyway, we had to meet Sherri at Camden for lunch so we made our way up there, and met in Henry J Beans, where we always seem to end up, its close to the markets and does great red wine! We got some grub there also and some hair of the dog, in the form of beer, for Sherri, and then made our way to Camden Lock, as it was raining and we wanted to go indoors for at least part of the time.
On the way over the Lock, I had to take a picture. Sherri said "You always take a picture here, you must have a million of them". I do, but I don't know where they are, they must have jumped into oblivion! So here's another one:
and another looking over the Lock:

There were also some lovely barges moored up at the market at Camden Lock.
Lovely to see as there are quite a lot of barges moored at the canal where bf and I have gone walking a bit near where I live, and we are always interested in looking at them.

So it being Valentines and all that yesterday, I finished (FINALLY) a bag that I was making for a friend for Christmas, all it needed doing was weaving in ends, and fulling it (or felting, whichever you prefer), which I did somewhat successfully. I had to put it through a 40degree wash twice before I was happy with the way it looked and then I put a load of towels into it to try and shape it somewhat as it dried. Here are a couple of pics of it stuffed. It looks quite fat but I think it will be fine once its dry, otherwise I will have to go back to the (wetting) drawing board again.
Stuffed French Market
French Market Bottom (no dirty thoughts please!)
The pattern is the French Market Bag from knitty and while it took me longer than anticipated, it was an easy enough pattern to follow. The only part that I felt was a bit ambiguous, was when I went to graft the handles using the kitchener stitch (which I was successful at, yayyy), I wasn't sure which way they went, as in, which handle was supposed to be grafted to which. I suspect I grafted the wrong ones, but it looks okay, and I will definately get a pic in use when my friend finally gets it this weekend!

Valentines itself was rather quiet, got some lovely pressies from bf (thank you bf :*) and spent some time on the phone to a friend also, arranging next meet up.
I hate the overpriced commercialism of Valentines, but I won't go into that here!

I'm having difficulty finding an easy pattern to use for socks. I attempted several different ones last night. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received (if anyone is even reading this!). I have several balls of 4ply yarn, and have dpns that range from 2.75 mm up to 7mm, a few missing in between. Help, anyone? I'm new at this!


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