21 Feb 2006

Does knitting always = cats?

Meet Ollie.

He’s the ?15 year old cat of one of my best friends. He is The Man, Boss, Big Cat on the Block, Lord of all he surveys and a big bruiser. He is a pet of a cat also, loves attention, loves being picked up and cuddled, climbs onto your lap for a snuggle, and loves climbing onto the shoulders of a man friend of ours, where he can stay for ages while our friend walks around. Maybe it’s a height thing, E is quite tall. He is also the boss over any other cat that comes into his territory, and there has been many a bucket of cold water thrown over him.

Anyway, this entry is not about Ollie, just thought I’d put his picture up in lights for all to see. He’s lovely, isn’t he?
The finished French Market Bag from Knitty was finally handed over to my friend Siobhan. She loved it (thankfully!) and used it the next morning. Here’s a shot of her with it.

The shadowing in this shot looks a bit weird, I didn’t notice it when I took it and only took the one pic so this will have to do. Doesn’t she look great though?!

Anyways, we took a drive and I took another pic of the start of sunset, this was in Co. Laois.

Knit wise, only news is that I finally finished the Toddle Scarf from Knitty for my bf’s niece, she’s 2&1/2 and I showed it to her the last time we saw her, but as I had run out of yarn I was at a standstill until I got more. It took me one and a half balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, not one ball as the pattern stated; my tension must have been right off!! I didn’t do a swatch for it, as it wasn’t really necessary. The yarn is sooooo sooofft, really snugly, and D will just love it…until she loses it after a couple of hours wear that is…. If the shop where I bought it had the yarn in pink, I would have gotten pink, as D loves pink, like any self respecting girly toddler should, but they didn’t so I went for the same red as the pattern in Knitty . Picture to follow in the next couple of days.

I still haven’t managed to get my head around socks, but then again, I haven’t gone near them again since my last efforts failed miserably. However, I have printed out a load of patterns from the net and will attempt again soon, I’m not letting them get the better of me grrrrrrrr. I decided to finish off some WIP’s first and clear my head. However, this didn’t stop me starting another WIP, it’s the Braiden Hat from Rowan 38. This picture doesn’t do it much justice; it looks different in magazine itself:

I’m using the recommended yarn, Rowan 4ply soft at the moment, but it was only after I cast on that I actually read the pattern and discovered that the knitting is actually all 4ply and then the Yorkshire Tweed Aran and the Kidsilk Haze is used afterwards to embellish it. Its going to take a while I think, its taking me ages to finish a row! Next years wearing perhaps!!


At 12:23, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Hey Sara,
Looks like you've lots of knitting on the go at the moment. I absolutely love the bag you made for your friend in the UK - the colours look great and with the handles it's really cool. It looks like you are busy knitting for everyone.Regarding the socks if I can help in any way I will - maybe you could bring your WIP to the SNB on Saturday and I can have a look - although I'm a novice sock knitter myself.

At 13:58, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Thanks Sharon, I still havent started on the socks, I started a couple of times and ripped it out again. I keep saying this, but I will definately make another start on it this evening so I can bring it along on Saturday. I'm really hoping to be there on Saturday that is, there may be something else I have to go to that I won't get into here, but it may not come up. I can get the pattern for the bag down on paper for you if you'd like?


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