20 Feb 2007

Secret Socks, not a secret no more

This is a tale of two socks.
In a moment of madness some days ago, I decided that it would be a good idea to knit a pair of socks IN SECRET for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. Yeah, very romantic I know.
So as if that wasn't madness enough, I decided to knit them both at once, on one circular needle at the same time, doing the magic loop method, toe up.
I also had to tackle a short row heel which I'd never done before.
I worked out the amount of knitting time I would have, going on the fact that my boyfriend is at my place most of the time, and generally if he's not at mine, I'm at his.
It helped that he had to go to the UK for work on the Friday before Valentines day, it didn't help that I got itchy fingers and decided that I really needed to cast on for this project, in order to wear it to a do this Friday coming.
It didn't help that I had plans that I'd forgotten about for Monday evening, which involved a group of friends playing Balderdash at a friends house (excellent game!!)
It also didn't help that I was counting on having Tuesday evening to myself in order to finish off the socks, and my boyfriend felt he really needed to see me so came over (I'm not complaining that much!)

So where did that leave me?
It left me arriving first at my friends house, and being brave enough to take out my knitting while waiting for the others arrive (mostly non-knitters, with one who does a tiny bit but doesnt have the bug).

It left me knitting in my lunchbreak at work 3 days in a row, including Valentines day

On Valentines Day, I thought I would have an hour, just to finish off that last inch at the cuff. My boyfriend decided that he couldn't do without me, and got an earlier train. I had about 10 minutes to pack up the unfinished socks before he arrived.

The verdict?
He loved them.
"Oh great...... socks!!" was his comment, and not in a sarcastic way!

Phew! *wipes sweat off her brow*

I used this great pattern and the great Elizabeth Zimmermans sewn cast off, which I had used previously for Knucks.
Jaegar Matchmaker 4 ply yarn which is 100%merino and 3.25 circular needle.
Now, off to finish my capelet....whilst balancing pancakes and maple syrup....hmm, maybe not such a good idea....

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At 19:43, Blogger Laura said...

Aw, nothing says "I love you" like a handknit! I'm glad he was appropriately grateful.

At 04:57, Blogger Kristen said...

And it was MATCHMAKER yarn! Awwwww.

At 09:56, Anonymous Teaandcakes said...

Lovely, lovely socks. I'm glad they were appreciated!


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