18 Feb 2007

Avoca yumminess

How time flies when you are having fun!

Its a few days since Cheryl and I went off galivanting to Avoca, in order to immerse ourselves in fibre goodiness. We lost Holly early on in our plans, and unfortunately lost Isobel that very morning, mere minutes before we were due to leave, so it was up to myself and Cheryl to try and save the woolen day.

It was my first venture into the sale that Avoca holds every year, and I wasn't disappointed!

I gave myself a budget and I'm pleased to say I didn't go over it, even had money left over for some lovely soup and brown bread in their cafe afterwards, although I won't say anything about the awful coffee that followed...

Anyway, here is a sample of what we were met with at the sale-

Do you notice anything funny about the above picture?

Notice a hand sneaking in with some purple yarn in it on the right hand side?

Thats Cheryl's, as she was on the phone to Isobel, trying to describe what was on offer.

An in-action shot!

There was a lot of these types of baskets dotted about, and the prices? To die for!

So, what did I come away with-->

Yes, its a large amount of yarn! I know, I know.

But could you help it if you are faced with delectable yarn, at prices that just can't be ignored?

Oh okay then, here are some individual shots

So what happens when you have a car-trunk full of yarn (as we bought some for Isobel too) and the rest of the afternoon free?

You ring Isobel and tell her to put the kettle on, we're coming round!

See previous post for clarification!!

Oh, and guess what the total weight of the yarn I bought came to (along with the cones of course)

8 kg and 450g approx! Thats a lot of yarn!

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At 13:13, Blogger Cheryl said...

Yep, quite yummy I'd say! And you're right, the cappuccino left much to be desired. Hopefully they'll improve it next year when we go!

At 08:16, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Wowee - I look forward to being around for the sale next year!


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