22 Feb 2007

A diet perhaps?

Remember this?

Well the doggy coat was for Baby, who has perhaps doubled in size since the last time I saw her?!

She wasn't too impressed I think!

My friend loved it.

Her other dog Eskie was also having a private snigger
Tee hee

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At 23:57, Anonymous Teaandcakes said...

Awwww, she looks so cute!

At 08:36, Blogger Cheryl said...

Whether the dog likes it or not, cute jumper! The other dogs will certainly be jealous...

At 10:24, Blogger Holly said...

That is so funny! I had to have a good laugh too.

At 02:05, Anonymous karyn said...

i guess eskie must be glad that she (?) doesn't have to wear one as well! a jumper for a german shepherd? hmm...


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