3 Mar 2006

What have I knit!!??!!

I have no new knitting pictures to show you today.

However, to start this post off, here is a pic of the sunset on the way home from work a couple of nights ago. During the night we got a light dusting of snow where I live.

It’s been quite cold here over the last few days, but nothing like other countries I’m sure! Last night was the coldest it has gotten and here is the forecast for tonight:

Very cold again tonight with temperatures again falling below freezing in all areas and as low as minus 6 degrees inland. A widespread severe frost will develop soon after dark and icy stretches can be expected on the roads. Some further snow showers are likely in the North and Northwest but elsewhere it should stay dry overnight. There will be a light northerly wind.

Despite this, the daffodils are struggling to come out. They line the N4 from Dublin to where I live and make a cheery sight to see.

Anyway, I was at the SnB IE meeting last Saturday and one of the girls said that I had knit loads of things and every time she looked I had something new.

So I decided to count up what I had done over the last few months:

  1. Since Nov 2005, I have knit 7 hats, 4 scarves, 2 curley wurleys, 2 bags, 1 muff, 1 set of wrist warmers, 1 pair of gloves, 1 facecloth, 1 sock and 1&1/2 teacozy’s since I started back into knitting.
  2. That’s 21&1/2 items in the last 4 months.
  3. I still have half a teacozy to go and another sock.
  4. Only one of these items was for me
  5. One of the other items was for me also (the wristwarmers) but I gave them to a friend after she raved about them.
  6. I have 5 WIP’s at the moment, including the other half of the teacozy, 2nd sock and a hat for myself, the first of a pair of 2 needle socks from Debbie Bliss, and a scarf from StitchnBitch Nation for myself (trying to get some things done for me when I can!)
  7. I would have another 4 WIP’s on the go except I’m trying my best to restrain myself casting on for them.

So there you go, busy as always!

I’m actually finding the 2 needle socks a little confusing. The part where you take stitches in the middle of a row and place it onto a stitch holder, and then re-join them at a later dateà this has caused great confusion with me. I had them in front of the stitches as I picked up stitches along the side of the heel, then they seemed totally out of place so I pulled them through the hole with great difficulty and knit from the stitch holder and picked up along the other side of the heel, but then it looked even worse, so I frogged back, went back to the original bit of the stitch holder, repeated the process with the stitches to the front of the work, have continued a bit since then, and then had to put it aside because I just HAD to go to bed at that stage! I don’t have the book in front of me as I type this, but think that’s what I did anyways. I will continue on and see how it turns out, but it looks a very small diameter for an albeit small foot..but anyway. Anyone have the same issues I’ve had? It’s a pity if it doesn’t work out because I was planning on making a stock of these as have a few friends with due dates looming….

I may have to turn to baby bootees.


At 17:24, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

OMG! You have a lot of F.O.'s in the last four months - way to go. I'm seriously impressed. You'll have to set up a picture library on your blog of F.O.'s. I'd like to do the same myself once I figure out how to get a sidebar on the LHS of my blog.
What pattern book is the Debbie Bliss 2 needle sock pattern in? I'd like to have a look - I have a few of her books. Hope it works out for you I think socks need concentration!

At 12:35, Blogger tangelled angel said...

I think probably the best way to set up a picture library is to put them into flickr and put a link to it, but haven't managed to do that myself yet. The Debbie Bliss book Im using is baby knits for beginners, I got it from local library and have renewed it 3 times with the view to doing these socks! They are easy to do, apart from this one bit. Ive been looking at them again this morning and they are definately not right so Im going to have to frog, and start again I think. I may have to adapt them if I can't work out what she's talking about.:(

At 09:45, Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Oh, I absolutely love the photos! Daffodils lining the street - just a dream for us little Austrians at the moment, we're drowning in snow and believe me, I hatehatehate it! I would give a lot to be able to see spring flowers right now! Argh!

I agree with Sharon by the way, a picture library of your FO's would be fantastic - and Flickr is certainly the best choice for that! Can't wait to see it!

At 14:35, Anonymous Holly said...

Holly here from SN'B. I'm totally amazed at the volume of knitting you do!! Way to go. I knew you'd done a lot, but WOW!! See you at the end of the month.


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