10 Jan 2006

Curley Wurley fever

Curley wurley number one is done!
My, it is so easy to knit. The amount of stitchs on the needle are really deceptive until you start casting off and it just gets longer and longer and longer.
I used one ball of Noro Silk Garden (plus a tiny amount extra from another ball as I wanted to have all pink on the cast off edge and I was seriously pushing it and tested my luck too far and ran out), I used size 5 addi circulars but didnt knit in the round, figured with that amount of stitches on the needle it would be easier. The pattern I followed was taken from the internet and I can't remember the site but I'll post it here later.
This curley wurley is for a friend's 40th, I will be doing another project for her also. She doesn't even know about this blog yet so I will delay telling her about it until she recieves this from me!
I am hooked and I cast on immediately afterwards for another curley wurley !


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